Engineering Days 2019


The online registration is available from April 1 to November 17, 2019

From November 18 you have the possibiliy to purchase the high priced Engineering Days tickets at the onsite registration.

The conference fee includes all lectures, workshops and the visit to the exhibition.

The dinner event is only included in some fees but can be booked separetly.

Registration process for attendees

The system allows to register single or multiple participants. Please use "Single" for one person registration and

"Multiple" if you want to register more people or yourself and your accompanying person. 


Registration process for exhibitors

As an exhibitor please use "Single" registration. After you have chosen one mandatory exhibitor package you can add other program points

(e.g. additional booth staff, dinner event, ...).

Please start with choosing your participant´s type and book the program points.

The ongoing booking procedure requires your personal data, company and billing address.


Payment options

You may pay with credit card or immediate payment.
After finishing the registration process you will receive an email with the preliminary confirmation.

Within the following days you will preserve the final confirmation / invoice.

If you have any questions, please contact the registration office .


Hotel booking

For room reservation please use the online reservation link or the reservation form .